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What Others Say

On this page, I am collecting comments from other users. If you are already using our dictionaries, please sent me an email with comments that you think may be helpful to others. Of course, critical views are welcome!

Furthermore, you see links to sites which refer to my website. Incoming links are the only indicator of credibility I can think of in cyberspace. If you found this site through a link which is not listed here, please do tell me!

Incoming Links


I'll leave the language of comments as they are sent to me. The encoding is Shift-JIS Japanese, so adjust your browser if needed.

Jacques Fonder CEO, Oshu-Net KK. and director, Belgian Chamber of Commerce

I started yesterday night to discover the many different potentialities of 
the machine and the softwares you installed.
I started reading the manual and had a quick first look on the dictionnaries.  
I also listened to the Jazz music which will forced me to to hide my Zaurus 
in order to avoid my wife to use it too often !
I want once again to thank you for the fastness of the handling of myrequest 
and for many others details like additionnal samples, pictures and music 
I already like the machine and will certainly spread the word notably inside 
the Belgium Chamber of commerce.
(Model: E21, which has a built-in MP3 player. The music sample mentioned is a courtesy of MineJazz.)
David Tucker Professor of History, University of Iowa
I use the Zaurus mainly with books.  What I like about it is that it has
several dictionaries available, so I can compare different versions, or, as is
often the case, can find a definition in one dictionary which is lacking in
the others.  At first I was not using the kana entry method-- instead I was    
using another electronic dictionary for that-- but lately I have started using
kana entry because it can be useful to me to compare different definitions.
Of course, the most important function to me is the kanji entry.
It is also very convenient to have the name dictionary, especially for obscure
Sachiko Mori Festo, Yokohama
それがZAURUS P10で実現され、本当にHAPPY、インストールして下さったMr.
WadokuJTはドイツ語を上手に表現するために、Crown Dokuwaは翻訳の時にドイツ語
Alexander Riek Festo, Yokohama
Now I am using the ZAURUS MI-E21 for a while. Actually I am totally
satisfied with the combination of the ZAURUS and ZPDVIEW with the
dictionary files. Sometimes I am surprised how the ZAURUS can recognize the
Kanji that I am thinking about. My kind of writing the Kanji could not be
the reason... It works nearly perfect. I need the dictionary's for my daily
work and time ago I worked with the combination of a Palm and a Wordtank.
Compared to the Zaurus and the stuff of the ZOK it is like switching on the
Thanks for that work and "ganbatte kudasai".
Chris Atenasio in Massachussetts wrote
Subject: it arrived!
It's so cool, I love it!  I'm currently figuring out the navigation and
trying to package up a cross compiler.
Thanks again!  
(sorry, but he literally wrote so. Model: P10.)

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