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Zaurus Otaku Kurabu


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Zaurus MI-P10 Screen Shots

This page contains screen shots made on my P10 of ZPDWIEW Version 1.4x with various dictionaries, as well as a few other applications. The shots have been outdated by the creation of ZPDVIEW Version 1.5 which can switch to larger fonts. However, the pictures should still serve as a demonstration of the dictionary data.

Drawing Pad


Picture Viewer - by Timamu

Specs - a tool by Ogasawara

Book Reader (by Haramasa) with word marked for dictionary lookup

Dictionary: ZPDVIEW (by Ogasawara) automatically called from book reader. The active dictionary is EDICT (Jim Breen)

ZPDVIEW-EDICT: Keyboard entry

ZPDVIEW-EDICT: Handwritten Kanji entry

ZPDVIEW-EDICT: Click misrecognized character to get alternatives

ZPDVIEW-WaDukuJT (by Ulrich Apel)

ZPDVIEW-Kojien, hiragana entry on handwriting pad (romaji or kana-keyboard is also possible)

Result back in EDICT to get the translation

ZPDVIEW-Name and place dictionary (Jim Breen; this name has quite a few writings to it!)

ZPDVIEW-Name and place again

ZPDVIEW English-German-English

ZPDVIEW English-German-English

ZPDVIEW-Kanjidict (Jim Breen), Hiragana lookup

ZPDVIEW-Kanjidict: English lookup

ZPDVIEW-Kanjidict: Kanji entries


Edict to compare

WadokuJT, compiled by Kurt Fischer

WadokuJT, inverted by Kurt Fischer

WadokuJT, compiled by Armin Rump)

WadokuJT, inverted by Armin Rump

Kojien: Hiragana lookup...

... then jump to entry

... compare in Eijiro

... and in EDICT



Eijiro - Abbreviations

Merriam Webster (1913 edition from Project Gutenberg): entry for "rand", top...

... scrolled down to "rand" middle...

... and end

Iwanami Nihonshi: "soshouseido" lookup...

... "soshoseido", continued and "saibanseido" market to jump to

"saibanseido" referral

"saibanseido" entry top...

...and scrolled to bottom

Comparison of entry for "masuiyaku": 1. Kojien

2. WadokuJT (Armin Rump)

3. WadokuJT (Kurt Fischer)

4. Eijiro


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Updated Dec. 27, 2001 by Armin Rump