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- Zaurus PDA Dictionary Extension: The World in your Pocket -

Download Page

Here, you can download our PERL scripts to convert dictionary data between various formats so that they can be used on palmtop computers/PDAs, particularly on the Sharp Zaurus.
In addition, you can download WadokuJT and other precompiled dictionaries which will run on the Zaurus under ZPDVIEW or on a PC under PDIC.

1. ZPDVIEW Version 1.5

Our new version of Hiroyuki Ogasawara's dictionary search tool for the Zaurus has its own download page.

2. WaDokuJT commpilations by Kurt Fischer

Here are Kurt Fischer's compilations of Ulrich Apel's WadokuJT for the Zaurus. The files are packed in zip format, most popular unpacking software should unpack them for you - I think.
Help yourselves (about 10MByte each):

3. Script Download and Operation

I am not a learned programmer at all. If you are, you surely have seen more elegantly written code (and possibly never such a mess). If you want to manipulate my code and improve it or use it for other purposes, please do so freely but keep a reference to my name and to this website. The script has plenty of bugs, but it works somehow on my computer. I shall not be held responsible for whatever it may do on your machine. By downloading, you agree to use it at your own risk. (Don't worry, I wouldn't know how to do anything malicious to your machine, and the word is that PERL is a very secure programming language - whatever that may mean.)
There are bugs in the conversion program and in the data it produces - in particular, katakana words often get scrambled or misplaced. I apologize for these bugs and am willing to correct them if someone gives me enough time or money to do it. For now, I am living with a few mistakes quite happily.


Download, Unpack the archive to find
the Perl script
the special character table for kojien, you won't need it for other dictionaries
a few lines of Edict - run the script on it just to see what it does before you process megabytes of data

You need to have the Perl interpreter running to execute it. Popular in the UNIX world, there is also a free Windows version, Active Perl. Install it, for example, on your hard disk under c:\perl. Then open a DOS window and type

c:\perl\bin\perl -de 0"
If you get a prompt <1> you are in the interactive Perl debugger and things are working. Leave it again with q.
In addition, you need to download and install the package Jcode.

Rename the dico.perl script to and put it with all the dictionary text files you want to convert into a clean directory and type (under MS-DOS with perl in the respective path)

Once you get to the main menue, type "I" to chose the input files you want to convert. If the files are large, give the machine half an hour to chew. It will generate tab-separated lists as an intermediate format, then go back to the main menue. You may now coose "O" to produce proper output formats: txt for use on the Zaurus, csv for use in PDIC on a PC or EDICT for use with JWP on a WindowsCE machine, for example. Generating output may give keep you machine busy for a day if the dictionary is large enough - no matter how fast your processor is.


Because ZPDVIEW will only search for the first word in each line, the script produces three files - "...khe.txt" with kanjis in the first place, "...hke.txt" with hiragana first and "...ekh.txt" with English first. The English first list has multiple lines for lines that had multiple English entries, so it is larger than the original. (This effect is much larger for the inverted WadokuJT than for EDICT.) There are bugs with the output file naming - don't worry about it, I have to correct it once. You must next convert the .txt files to .dic files by PDIC, either separately or combined together, as you like. (I usually combine them together.) Then rename the files as above and write them to the CF - done.


If you have any problems, please read the FAQs carefully. If that plus a bit of thinking and trying out doesn't help, mail me and I will add your problem to the FAQ.

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Updated Dec. 27, 2001 by Armin Rump