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Ready-To-Use Service: Supplementary Page

Actually, this page is outdated, but I am leaving it up because it does contain some helpful details about memory size and which dictionaries will fit on which CF card. Be sure to also read the front page for up to date information.

What you have to do?

Basically, you must

Now, you may find this a bit tricky: The Zaurus is not for sale overseas, and the software is not trivial to install and operate. Therefore, I am offering ready-to-use installation service. The available dictionaries are:

A set of all the above free dictionaries without the larger Wadoku takes up 64MB. With the EDICT family only, you are left with a total of 25MB. Everything together takes 250MB. To be sure, get a compact flash card which is a little (5MB) larger.
(By the way, I often take the compact flash card out of my Zaurus, plug it into a friend's digital camera and take a few pictures, then transfer the pictures to my PC when I come home. Most cool, if you don't have a camera yourself! It must surely be possible to download a proper picture viewer for the Zaurus, but for my black-white display I havn't bothered yet.) Customized service is possible. Ask me!

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