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- Zaurus PDA Dictionary Extension: The World in your Pocket -

Zaurus Operation Guide

Here are a few first-step instructions how to operate our dictionaries on the Zaurus. I separated this section from the more technical FAQ page. It is meant for people who have purchased a fully installed machine from me and therefore do not need to consider the technical details.

First, have a look at the following screen shot and compare it to your own Zaurus' ZPDVIEW screen. There are some variations between models as to where some buttons are located. That's due to the fact that the newer models use portrait layout and color display, the older ones landscape mode and black/white. This picture shows ZPDVIEW 1.5 on the P10.

How do I access my new dictionary?
In case you cannot open the ZPDVIEW screen (shown above) to start with:
I installed the icon in your オリジナルインデックス (Orininal Index) which I set to be the default menue on your machine.
P10: touch the ホーム インデックス button (green oval left of screen, top).
E21: touch the 戻る (modoru) button (left triangular button). If you touch it several times, it goes back to the main index screen which you don't want. In that case, touch the button for a long time to tun off the power, then push it again to turn the Zaurus on again.
Click the ZPDVIEW icon in the top left corner.

I still can't find it!
If the Zaurus is stuck, take out the battery on the back side, put it back in and lock the lid. Start over. Don't worry, you address book and schedule data will not be lost, but you might have to reset time and date.
If your menue is not correctly configured, please read the technical FAQ page.

How do I operate ZPDVIEW?
Important buttons in top bar, left to right: Keyboard buttons:

I cannot find a word in the dictionary!
No dictionary is perfect, but in most cases, you are making a mistake in searching - especially romaji searching is a bit tricky as it is case sensitive.
  1. Make sure the 半角 (hankaku) button is checked, i.e. you are entering single-byte characters.
  2. Enter everything in small script and search.
  3. Search for the capitalized word (use the Aa button. Most (but not all) German dictionaries require nouns to be capitalized.)
  4. Scroll down the screen a little bit, using the scroll and page turn buttons at the top right of the screen. (Especially Crown DokuWa is notorious for bringing up the word prior to the word of interest.)

How can I review the vocabulary I looked up?
For your review and study, you can save entries to a text file. Access those functions through the "menue" or "control menue" button (メニュー/操作メニュー). You can load the text files thus generated into the book reader to review your vocabulary and edit the files in a regular text editor. Please see the example on the ZPDVIEW download page. (The "menue" button function is available on the MI-P10 and E-series but not on J1, P2 or older models.)
There is no way to edit the vocabulary text files once you saved them. Use a separate editor program on the Zaurus or on your PC.

Is there a general manual for the Zaurus English?
No. As far as I know these pages are the most you get in English. Your best bet is to try things out: Operation of the Zaurus is rather intuitive, and with the help of Japanese friends you should get to using more and more functions of this PDA step by step.

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Updated Feb. 1, 2003 by Armin Rump